Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Enough Hours to Drive You Mad

The EU Working Time Directive has been proven to be as flimsy as the paper it is written on, not least for those self employed within the transport industry.

The Working Time directive was is also known as the 48 hour week, and was brought in an attempt to regulate a standard working week.
In the past people worked a 7 day week, then a 6 day, or a Monday to Friday and Saturday morning.
These days times have moved on, many enjoy 35 hour weeks, and the act covers every profession except for workers if the job is: Where you decide your own work pattern, like perhaps a CEO, a rich livescore site owner, or a Minicab Driver Job, servants in private houses or a sea transport worker. So, what about Taxis drivers? Well, there are 4,600 'self-employed' minicab drivers in London, UK. It comes as no surprise then that these workers are often putting in 12-16 Hour shifts, 6 or 7 days a week.

London PCO Driving Jobs for example should certainly be regulated, as bus drivers cannot work over a certain number of hours, or like truck drivers who use a tachograph to record hours behind the wheel. A Minicab Driver in London will typically work a 65 Hour week, taking home close to £800 (top end) or around £500 for the bottom end of the scale.

It might sound a lot, but for many the profession offers up pay equivalent to Minimum wage.
Have you thought when picking calling your Covent Garden Minicab or from London to your home that the driver may make less than £10 for the hour spent weaving in and out of congested roads?

At firms like London Taxi company 'Addison Lee', drivers are obliged to pay over £400 in fees for Car, Radio and Insurance - all to Addison Lee sister companies - for the privilege of driving for the company.
In the old days paying over the odds for a Taxi Elephant & Castle after a night out at Ministry of Sound has long gone. Richard Langholme of Vauxhall Minicabs points out that the Mayor of London regulates all Cabs via Transport for London and encourages Londoners to stay legal, pre book and use a PCO Private Hireor local taxi service.

Full-time London minicab drivers usually work a couple of shifts a day, starting in the morning rush hour, then coming back out on call for the evening shift which is anything from 6pm until 3am. The hours are unsociable, Bank holidays, early starts and late finishes are not uncommon.
Of course, all these obligations come without any rights as an employee, which is the standard for almost all cab firms in London.

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