Monday, February 13, 2012

Just booked my 2013 ski holiday to Chamonix, France

I'm just back from my snowboarding trip in Chamonix, France. I obviously had an amazing time, liberated from the rat-race and the grind of the city. I've just booked next year's break in the Alps a year in advance to save cash.

In recent years early birds deals have become more popular than last minute deals and they are especially good for families and people who have to take their holidays on a particular date.
ski holidays 2013
If you need a bit of convincing that booking early is better than booking last minute (especially in the case of group ski holidays where your party may have special requirements which need to be organised well before arrival. Check out the early booking advantages below:

Advantages of booking your ski holiday early

1) Popular resorts get booked up quickly, so if you are set on a particular chalet or hotel in a specific resort then you should book early.

2) The lowest prices for ski holidays in france are generally the early bird deals rather than last minute deals. You are also likely to get ‘extras’ thrown into your package such as free child places, single savers or free lift passes’ if you book early. Austrian ski holidays tend to maintain their brocuhre cost throughout even the late season due to greater alititude.

3) If you book your holiday at least 12 weeks before your departure date you are able to secure it with just a deposit which is great if you can’t afford to pay for the holiday straight up. You can then pay for your holiday in instalments or put money aside each month for the balance.

4) Finally, if you book your holiday in advance you have something to look forward to and it can serve as a mental boost when you are tired or stressed.

Winner. so You can save 35% by booking your 2013 ski holidays a year early - at least equivalent to what you are likely to save if you book via a last minute ski holiday company (and obviously you get certainty that your accommodation is up to scratch). I'm pretty sure this is as good as any late ski deal I'm likely to pick up later, and at least I *know* what type of chalet I'm staying in.


  1. Nice! Ski holidays are the best. Although not a ski holiday, I've booked the City breaks in Prague this year. Hoping it's going to be great, thought I'd share.

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