Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Earn A Free Lunch

An alternative but slightly more unwieldy title to this post could be “How to get some free money and then use that to make a bit more money” but that doesn’t scan too well. Offering a ‘free lunch’ always attracts those who would like something for nothing, like shopping cheap, or alternatively refuse to believe such a thing exists.

So here’s a short story from personal experience and it’s easily verified. I play a lot of online poker; I’m a member of several online casinos all of which offered me an Online Casino Bonus to sign up and rewards for continuing to gamble with them. That’s all fine but usually the new player must deposit some money and play a certain amount of games to get their hands on any free cash.

Occasionally though, some websites offer free money just for signing up. No deposit is necessary but of course you must use the money to bet with the site. So, I signed up with a particular UK based casino who promised me £10 for registering.

After a minor battle tracking the cash down in my account I headed straight over to the poker lobby to check out some Texas Hold’em tournaments. I found one starting soon for a buy-in of £3.50 - more than I would normally pay - and sat down for what I thought would be the usual story of unlucky cards and poor play by me.

What actually happened was a succession of sensible folding, occasional bluffing and some great cards at the right moments. An hour later I had seen everyone else off, even those who had bought their way back into the game for a second time, and won the modest sum of £54.00. It’s not a fortune but it does now keep me in the small stakes games which I usually go for at Casino Portal Austria.

The point is of course that there is sometimes such as a thing as ‘free lunch’. You may have to work for it and it may require some luck but, with a little effort and application, a small amount of free money could be yours.

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