Thursday, January 24, 2008

Build your free webpage

I have been recently asked by many people where they can start building their personal page or business page. I was a bit shocked from the question, living in the online world for so long and disregarding the average person low knowledge and understanding of the internet. If you do own a business do yourself a favor and learn some online marketing. It will do you well, it doesn't matter what's your business.

Here are a few great suggestions for opening your first page :

Squidoo is great, easy to use, great community, excellent for SEO and always my favorite pick. This platform BlogSpot is a great choice as well. Powered by Google, loved by Google easy to use, but yet the blogs look... well see for yourself.
Other options include the freebie Weebly or Webs.

If you are business owner, or even just the average American person (Wiki's list of household income in the states) - you can afford yourself.

A. Sparing some hours and learning basic HTML.
B. Learning how to install wordpress (it's automatic in some hosts just with a click o a mouse).
C. Buying a domain (.info costs 2$ a year, a .com is around 11).
D. Buying a hosting plan (another 4$ a month).

Within 10 hours and $10 a month you can make yourself a website. From there, it's up to you how much you improve it.

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