Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jamaican Patois - is it a language

A lot of linguistics and other so called experts claim that the Jamaican tongue is hardly a language but, as most Americans claim, is a "bad English".

Well, I have news for you guys. Non-standard doesn't necessarily mean that it's wrong or askew, it's just what it is - another language with high similarity to Americanized English (which Brits claim is "bad English" as well).

The Jamaican patois is currently revolving and that's why there's very little documentation of it. Some parts of the great Island speak in a lingo which is very much different from other parts, but that's the nature of languages. I wouldn't know much when a Brit from the country-side will open a discussion with me, not to mention Irish-men.

Sites like's how Jamaica should be written in Patois) are a rare pearl that shows you that Patois is a real language with grammatical rules and all the other related aspects.

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