Monday, January 24, 2011

AnitProtester is back alive

The Antiprotester blog, which was abandoned for quite a while now, is back AT LARGE. This blog will deal with political issues, religious and spiritual issues as well as website reviews and promotional posts (one has to make a living, doesn't he).

Please note, this blog is not owned by the previous owner who is, as far as I can tell, a well known journalist. I will not be using any of the content he made. If you are looking for him it is suggested you search Google in order to find his main, still active, website.

I hope your stay here will be enjoyable.

The Anti Protester


  1. i have googled the writer of the old blog and cannot find his "main, still active website".

    are you sure he's still active? where is rocco?

  2. I gotta be honest, I don't know the person, and have no idea whether he is active or not. This is an expired blog that was transferred to me and I liked the branding. If you do find him please do let me know so I can link to his new site. Thanks for your comment. Take care

  3. cool thanks.

    what does PozecuFemei mean?

  4. just an old name i;m using, i hope you enjoy it bro! cheers

  5. what happened to this blog? i was getting used to reading it every day. hope you are well.