Monday, January 24, 2011

Israel Palestine leaked documents

The UK BBC reports that the Palestinians deny that the leaked documents are indeed true.

I would assume that this amount of documents, published by a respectable network like Al Jazeera, is not likely to be made-up.

Can we learn something from this strong denial? We most certainly can. The split governmental situation we see in Gaza, where both parties have their own "areas of effect" and none can claim that they make up the calls is leading every process to a dead end.

If the prime minister or his surroundings don't feel like disclaiming such details, because they obviously fear the public reaction, it means that the offer wasn't valid from the very first moment. Like past agreement that has been made with the reigning party in the west bank and the Gaza strip, this one was bound to fail as well, and Israel was wise by not getting sucked into such a redundant proccess.


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