Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barack Obama's innovative approach on YouTube

US president Barack Obama replies to YouTube.com members' requests and questions on a periodic basis and proves he is truly an innovative and a new president to the US in more than one way. The race and age issues has been spoken of in many occasions already and nothing much has to be said about it, but the approach that he is showing and the fact he is pushing towards a new world of direct communication with the voter proves he is truly a remarkable change from the prior person who held the same position.

I sense this is more of a PR trick than anything else, because thousands of questions are processed into a questionnaire or an interview, and somehow I feel the harsh question that the person typing from home can ask, or claims he can make, will not pass the heavy censorship. So we are getting the same answers we get on TV in a different media.

Is this a marketing approach more than anything else? I surely do think so.

Anti Protester

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  1. Just another indication that this man has no idea how to do his job!

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