Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Russian suicide bomb

The suicide bombing in the Russian airport has been covered from every possible angle during the latest 24h in the media. It's a very sad occasion but unfortunately not rare within Russia, and in general. Suicide bombings are difficult to cope with, hard to avoid and very taxing in terms of damage. Nothing takes more lives than carrying an explosive to a major airport, and thanks god that it wasn't a bigger, or a more powerful, bomb. If there is little to no security in that airport like claimed by experts (where were they before it ticked off? )... it could have been much worse.

The thing is that if you keep the moral aspects aside, and you look at things from the point of view of the oppressed party, the one that feel it has been treated unjustly, and you understand how strong are the motives and how important is the cause, you can almost relate to suicide bombers. From their part it's ALWAYS a wise decision to say something aloud using this life devastating method. Other means aren't quite as useful and not attract the media as quickly.

In order to handle people with extreme point of views, fundamentalists, people who ignore the moral point of view and claim that the cause makes it right, we have to take extreme measures to fight them. They are willing to spare their lives in order make their point, and we have to put such a harsh punishment in such a scenario that would persuade them otherwise.

There's only one soft spot in every man's belly, especially one who feels he is doing something for the good of his family, people or nation. You have to make sure they know that if they do it, their group, their family and their people are going to suffer. A bombing made by Chechnyan groups (it's probably the case) should end up in retaliation of Russia, bombing Chechnya with very little mercy. They should know that bombing 10 Russian citizen equals a retaliation where 1,000 are murdered in return, with the same aggressive, beast-like manner.

It's not just. It's not even close to it. But this is what reality taught us, you can only fight fire with fire.

The Anti Protester

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