Monday, January 24, 2011

Free people records search, is that so is one of the top ranking sites for public records search terms and that is because of it's age and incredible amount of ingoing links which Google search algorithm counts (the number of referring sites that vouched for website). While in reality this site provide a rather non-existent "free search" and refers users to another website where they have to pay a membership fee for their records search.

Now, I gotta be sincere here. I have site of my own like Public records searches that do request a membership fee (my site is referring to a program with 4 days of REAL free trial, but let's put that aside). I can understand why a company that provides a certain data would require fee for the provided info. I can understand that the company pays $x,xxx per month to a company that supplies the data to it, and there must be some kind of a business model where it's worth the while of the company to provide a certain service.

What I cannot understand or comprehend is why having a deceitful title and description can help the company. Sure, more people click this result in Google expecting to see something which is clearly not there.
This is marketing 101 in my opinion - explain your future users what they are going to get in your website. Don't be subtle and use a very positive adjectives to describe your services but there's no need to promise something which you cannot keep.

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