Monday, January 24, 2011

Use of steroids in sports - is it still a debate really?

NBCnews sports section is putting a so-called serious question to a public debate. Should the authorities come after steroids in sports where there are already presumed steroid users in the hall of fame.

I have to ask, are you for real? Is this some kind of a joke? This is a great, comprehensive article, but the details laid in it aren't precise. According to my knowledge and understanding, everyone still do use steroids. They use off-seasons to "bulk up" 10lbs of muscle. That's not exactly a normal pace for acquisition of further muscle. This is 8 week cycle of mild steroids in low dosages. Nothing is sure in life but life and death, and we are talking about professional athletes, but I would seriously doubt they wouldn't use such an advantage which is UNDETECTABLE. Once you are off cycle, you use some natural Testosterone boosters and go steadily and strongly back into the game, cleaner than ever.

I am in favor of using steroids in an open manner. These are drugs that brought us best of our human accomplishments in sports. An open and wise use would risk only those who want to sustain such risk for their professional, well deserving, athlete careers.

Let people decide what they are going to do with their bodies.

The Anti Protester.

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