Sunday, January 30, 2011

Instability in Egypt

Looks like the veteran president Mubarak is going home or at least is being called by the people of his nation to step off the stage and make room for a new, real democrat (in the sense of being of supporter of Democracy and not being a member of one party or the other).

The thing is that such scenarios are abused by people of interest that have deep rooted desire to reign the country. The ones that fulfill such desires are usually the ones that offer a quick and non realistic solution. The ones that are supposedly representing the nation. Extremist like the national socialist party in Germany of the 1930's, or Muslim extremists in nowadays world (same as happened in Iran).
These are Muslim that will turn away from the states in terms of national affairs, will support terrorism against Israel and wouldn't keep the borders somewhat safe upon their part of it. These are Muslims that use religion as a devastating bargaining chip in the game of politics.

Should anyone interfere with Egypt's domestic affairs - I strongly believe we must, even if we will be acting against the will of the people, which is morally the most important factor there is, we will find ourselves in a world that consists of more blood shed which opposes another human right - the right to live in a peaceful way.

The greater good is just a theoretical, rhetorical term - it's OUR (the western countries residents) good that should come into being right now.

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