Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The richest nations poverty rate

This great article speaks about the measurements the USA, the world's richest country, used to define poverty. No one seems to find the logical flaw in that statement. The world's richest country in the year of 2011 should be MEASURED by the amount of poverty in it, and not the other way around!
A country that is still in process of regulating a proper health insurance program for its citizens, raises some questions in regards to its advancement.

About the article itself - 70 years ago the world people would've said that in nowadays world poverty exists only in Africa, and not even that since most of the world, including the western world has experienced hunger in some form. Poverty in such form does not exists in the USA, according to my knowledge, but I think the bar should be set at what the average US citizen can afford himself - debts, properties and income should determine poverty and it should be handled in a way it would cease to exist within 5 years, because such things are within the power of the "world's richest nation".

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