Thursday, February 24, 2011

Destructive earthquake hits NZ

If you have been residing or travelling Mars in the last few days or month you must have not heard of the earthqake that shook the southern Island of NZ. There over 100 reported confirmed deaths and it is expected that it would end up being much more than that.

I have been reading about the sad, sad, incident in many small-scale websites which were opened for comments and I was absolutley shocked that many religious fanatics claim that it's god wrath hitting upon those who were unloyal - a punishment for blashpemy, so to speak.

I have very little respect to preachers and even less to those who abuse such unfortunae situation to spread hate. I thought that these people wield harmony, carrying messiah's message of being more humane towards one another - but this people prove again that they are doing it for a sole purpose - getting more suckers to join the circle, that could preach to others and abuse their misfurtune.

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