Monday, April 16, 2012

Skin Care tips for the youth

Many people wonder how they can get the best possible looking facial skin. There are many ways in which you can help the skin on your face look its very best.
One extremely important thing when it comes to skin care tips for the face is making sure to use sunscreen. Using sunscreen will help the skin of your face not to get age spots and in some people make their acne much worse then it usually is.
Staying hydrated is another thing that will help your facial skin looking its best. Since the body is made up of mostly water when your body is dehydrated your skin can start looking distressed. You want to find out from your health care provider how much water you should be taking in during the day and then make sure that you are doing that through what you drink and the food that you consume.

Exercising is a great way to help your facial skin as well as all the skin on your body looking great. Exercising is a great way to rid your body of waste products so it is highly recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.
Making sure that you moisturize is also important when you are looking for the best tips for facial skincare. Moisturizing helps the skin stay hydrated so it is important to find a good moisturizer that matches your skin type and use it as directed.

Don't forget also to use Scar removal creams like Revitol's.

Following these skin care tips is the best way in which you can help make the skin on your face look its very best. You need to also make sure that you have a good skincare regime put together and stick with it in order to get the best results. This way you can help your skin look the very best that it can.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a new year, it's a new life

For the Jewish Rosh Ha'Shana, I want, first off to say I am hoping and praying the current unbearable scenario surrounding the Palestinian state shall come to an end soon. These people deserve their own land, as any other people do. On the other hand, it is not up to them to decide anything regarding the Jewish territories. They must acknowledge their neighboring countries, and treat them respectfully. They should base their economy upon relations with the Arab countries around them, rather than try to (yet again) completely rely on Israel. There must be peace established between the two states, but that doesn't mean anything else much - they shouldn't remain isolated from the world, and should have proper ways where they can reach out... but it is Israel's self-born right to cease integrating them into Israeli-based projects. They should find their way in life.

Else than that, I wanted to remind everyone that Christmas is coming soon, and Xmas is the time where you'll be spending more on gift than ever before.
If you are looking for the "default gift" then you should definitely try sites like Fragrance that helps you decide which specific perfume you'll be buying your loved one, and where to buy it so Christmas will not consume a part of your savings (like it usually does). You can try to go always for Creative Christmas Ideas but if you're wife comes throwing you out of the staircase, don't point any fingers at me. I know I am going for normal fashion/clothing/beauty gifts as I always do.

Happy Rosh Ha'Shana! Stay safe.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Civil casualties in Lybia

August 5th 2011 - Two young children whose only crime was residing too close to Moammar Gadhafi residence were buried yesterday. The world stands silent, as the all honor-able goal justifies all necessary means. Following that, one may ask where the line is drawn? when does collateral becomes unbearable? Why are the children of Lybia, Iraq or other places that were trampled by aggressive US/NATO, any different than children anywhere else on the globe.

US residents and politicians, European population and leaders, for the first time in your phony life, become completely honest with yourselves. Next time you protest against injustice in some remote location on the other side of the globe, take a deep look at the mirror, and come to realize that we are all basically the same. We do whatever we feel is necessary to ensure our own safety. Each one of us, the so-called western people, shares a common responsibility - we knowingly supported an army that killed children. These army-men were nothing more than our heralds, our protectors, the ones brave enough to perform the action - but we were the ones cheering for justice, for revenge.As such, we are not longer allowed to critic nations who do the exact same thing, anywhere.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Payoneer and Clickbank

It's been almost a year since ClickBank affiliate network has proudly announced that would start a collaboration with payoneer. It has too long, and many CB affiliates suffer from it! Clickbank follow their own announcement and make it happen. It can help us affiliates and can help clickbank in attracting a far broader audience.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My own new project

Hey - I started recently writing for perfume store reviews and made a first template of a website. What do you think of it? I think it can be a great comparison between all perfume stores.

Cya soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are children nowadays smarter

I have been hearing a few opposite opinions in regards to the intelligence of todlers and children nowadays. Some researches claim that the quick penetration of technology has made children smarter as there's much more information accessible for them, whilst other claim that automation of some processes makes various parts of the brain numb.

I personally think both are right. The humankind is ever-eveloving. The men of today, in the western world, has no need for certain skills that previous generations have wielded. So, the adaptive human brain makes room and leaves one aptitude out in order to improve others.

Today's children aren't more , or less intelligent, they are just different.

Destructive earthquake hits NZ

If you have been residing or travelling Mars in the last few days or month you must have not heard of the earthqake that shook the southern Island of NZ. There over 100 reported confirmed deaths and it is expected that it would end up being much more than that.

I have been reading about the sad, sad, incident in many small-scale websites which were opened for comments and I was absolutley shocked that many religious fanatics claim that it's god wrath hitting upon those who were unloyal - a punishment for blashpemy, so to speak.

I have very little respect to preachers and even less to those who abuse such unfortunae situation to spread hate. I thought that these people wield harmony, carrying messiah's message of being more humane towards one another - but this people prove again that they are doing it for a sole purpose - getting more suckers to join the circle, that could preach to others and abuse their misfurtune.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romania is now a center for trafficking, says CNN

This news items speaks about trafficking in Romania and was selected one of the top articles in their Europe section. I agree with the choice and could honestly say that one of a few articles that deals the bold truth in the eye and says what is a rather well established fact for years - that Romania is currently an intersection between the east and west of Europe and is the #1 trafficking capital of the world.

Did facebook take Muybarak down?

I heard some opinions (this is a selection of a few) about what was the role of Facebook in the latest happenings in Egypt. I think the internet as a whole allowed people to communicate and they have done so priorly to the Facebook times. Sure Facebook was the tool but I am certain forums and local sites written in Arabic could claim to have at least the same affect.

Twitter to warn professional athletes

CNN says Twitter has recently sent out a warning toward professional EPN athletes. That's a rather self-righteous and somewhat overly P.C as far as I see it. It's an internal UK football organization thing and nothing to do with Twitter. People mock others everyday and no one else gets warned.

UK Law firm tries to extort random internet users

It has been reported that a UK law firm has sent a mass email to internet users claiming they will "sue them" for downloading pornographic content. I was pretty shocked when I read this news:
a. Thinking pornography is completely legit.
b. Amazed that some UK firm has the nerve to extort innocent people, who are most likely porn users like most of the adults on this planet, and probably don't want the whole neighborhood to hear about that.

I would say this is one of the harshest forms of extortion. These people should sit in jail for a long time.